Completing your Application

  1. Begin the Online Application
    Create a username and password to log in to the online application portal. You may complete the application at your own pace and in any order.
  2. Add your Resume
    Upload your current resume or curriculum vitae.
  3. Request Two Letters of Recommendation
    Add your recommenders’ names and email addresses to the Evaluations tab of the application. Your recommenders will receive an email invitation to submit their recommendations online. You do not need to wait for your recommenders to complete their evaluations in order to submit your application. Your application will automatically update once letters are received.
    Two professional letters of recommendation are required, but you may submit three. Academic letters are acceptable for applicants with limited professional experience. Select your recommenders based on their ability to give in-depth insights about the quality of your work. Recommenders should not be peers or subordinates.
  4. Write a Statement of Purpose
    Write an essay explaining why you are pursuing your master’s degree. Keep your essay simple and concise. Write one to two pages addressing the following:
    – Why are you pursuing the Master of Sustainability Management degree?
    – Tell us how your professional experience will contribute to the program and how a master’s degree will help you in your career.
    – Why is the program at USC Dornsife a good fit for you?
  5. Request your Official Transcripts from All Previously Attended Postsecondary Institutions (Undergraduate and Graduate)
    Electronic or hard copy transcripts are accepted.

    : Please have electronic transcripts sent to both your email address and Once you have received the transcripts, upload them to the Academic History section of the application for admissions review purposes.

    Hard copy
    : Please scan and upload your official transcripts directly to the Academic History section of the application portal. Opened, scanned, and uploaded transcripts are acceptable for admissions review purposes. Once admitted, you will need to submit electronic transcripts or sealed, official transcripts from your degree-conferring institution to USC.
  6. Submit your Online Application

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August 6, 2024
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Final Application Deadline: July 16, 2024
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