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In a changing world, business leaders are forced to adapt. As compounding crises, including climate change, social inequity, and environmental injustice, affect the business sector, organizations are increasingly adopting sustainability goals. In fact, 83% of business leaders and investment professionals expect sustainability programs will create more shareholder value in both the short and long term.1

Consumer behavior surrounding environmental, social, and sustainable impact contributes to organizational decisions around the future of business. In addition, the global community has become progressively concerned with the impact of industrialization. To add further urgency, the United Nations set forth 17 sustainable development goals for all member countries to meet by 2030.

A Global Perspective

As a result of increasing attention to sustainable practices and the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, global organizations are looking for ways to transform operations. Created by the USC Wrigley Institute for Environment and Sustainability, the Master of Sustainability Management (MSM) program at USC Dornsife brings sustainability to life through a global business lens. The program tackles numerous themes, such as business purpose, strategy and operations, climate change, social equity, environmental justice, clean technology, green investing, and circularity. Students in the program will be prepared to address the factors that impact individual consumers, communities, and stakeholders while learning how to integrate sustainability goals into an organization’s overall business strategy.

An Ecosystem of Sustainability

Backed by USC’s focus on sustainability as a strategic priority and created by the Wrigley Institute, the MSM program is part of a larger community of people and programs committed to aligning human economic and social systems with nature’s life-support systems. MSM students will have abundant opportunities to participate in a university-wide ecosystem that advances sustainability across all disciplines.

Purpose-Driven Impact for a Sustainable Future

The MSM program at USC Dornsife provides graduates with the essential tools and skills to lead from wherever they are. The applied curriculum centers on the importance of sustainability as it relates to economic, environmental, and social impacts on business strategies and opportunities. This program was created with intentionality and designed by leaders from USC who are passionate about contributing to a better world.

[1]“The ESG Premium: New Perspectives on Value and Performance.” McKinsey & Company. McKinsey & Company, February 12, 2020.

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